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      About Us
      Jiangsu Xushi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at No. 32 Hu Cun Dang Road of Xiangcheng Cooperative Development Zone, SIP, Suzhou. Covering an area of 8000 square meters, the company is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the design, production, sale and service of the balls and other accessories in ball valves.Based on strong innovation and manufacturing capabilities and production management experience,the company provides hi-tech, high-precision and high-performance balls for ball valves manufacturers. ...[More]
      Jiangsu Xushi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
      Add:No. 40, shuangbang road, shuangbang village, xinzhuang town, changshu city
      Jiangsu Xushi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. All rights reserved  Sue ICP for 13060131-1
      Technical support:0512sun.com
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